Luna the Kitty (click to interact :3)


There is a password, and I will be asking for it (it's bolded and seems out of place, so you should be able to find it. Let me know if you struggle ). If you've read my rules on another platform, you don't necessarily have to read these! I won't ask for the password, anyhow. Feel free to ask clarifying questions!

Relevant Information

— I use drawn faceclaims near exclusively, usually Picrews. I'm strongly against AI generated images, and using images of real people is usally uncomfortable (exceptions can be made). —

— I'm 18 (as of 05/13/2024) —

— I'm extremely blunt when it comes to ableism, queerphobia, etc.. If you say something I take issue with in that area, I will say something. —


— The FC you use doesn't matter, as long as it isn't AI generated. —

— I generally don't do fandom roleplays. —

— If I'm uncomfortable interacting with you for any reason, I'll tell you before leaving/blocking. I don't have a DNI. —

— I prefer roleplaying one-on-one, but small groups are also okay. —

— I usually roleplay on Discord, but other platforms can be discussed. —


— Be at least semi-literate —

— No asterisks for actions (*), and please use quotations (") for dialogue. —

— Use third person perspective, not first or second (more of a preference than a rule). —

— I can be picky about writing stye, but errors in generally are usually okay. If I don't vibe with your style, I'll let you know. —

Pairings / Characters

— I'll do any gender pairings. —

— I'd love to do polyamorous pairings, since I'm polyamorous myself. —

— I don't do unethical/problematic pairings. —

— I'm willing to play more than one main character, even if my partner(s) only play one. —

— Any ages are fine, as long as relationships are appropriate (ie. an 18 year old and a 52 year old should be strictly platonic/familial). —

NSFW Content

— As long as it's allowed under the guidelines of the platform we're on, sexual content is okay with me. I do prefer it to not be the main focus of the roleplay, however. —

Luna (password) —

— I'm comfortable with gore, death, etc.. Let me know if you aren't, but it shouldn't come up unless established anyway. —

Triggers & Icks

— Let me know if you have any triggers or icks that may come up in roleplay before we begin (exception is if they were listed in your rules/info) —

— My only trigger is unlikely to come up in roleplay, but I will inform you if it does. —