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Orion Higgins-Lake

A picrew of a white teenager with medium wavy white hair, a hooked nose, a nose piercing, yellow crystal ear piercings, and a black flannel over a black t-shirt. The background is a stylised genderqueer flag with white low-detail eyes looking at the person.

OOC Information

Created On 07/16/23 • Finished On 00/00/00

Warnings — unnatural birth (murders are involved, described in moderate detail), body horror (moderate)

Slots — x/x

Pairings — Restricted

Plots —


▸ Orion Lake • "Lake" • Human Maw Mouth ◂

Orion was named after the powerful hunter from Greek mythology. His mother created him to be her personal weapon, and named him accordingly. His wife, Galadriel, has called him "Lake" since they met. The general wizard population tend to think of him as nothing but what he truly is; a maw mouth* in human form. They refuse to view him as a human, and so refer to him almost exclusively as "the human maw mouth".

▸ Genderqueer • He/They/It ◂

Orion had always felt a disconnect with being a "man", especially as they grew older. They are content being referred to as a man; only those closest to them know that they're not cisgender. "He" and "they" are their favorite pronouns, but they also use "it" as a sort of reclamation from those who refuse to call them anything else.

▸ 19 • 03/14/2004 • New York ◂

Orion's conception was typical, the standard "when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...", but its birth wasn't. When it was the size of peanut, its mother removed it from her womb and turned into a maw mouth. She wanted it to be exceptionally powerful, so she had twelve malificers wipe out the entire graduating class of the Scholomance that year to contribute to its creation. As a result, it had an insatiable hunger for mana from birth. Luckily, Orion was used by the universe to restore balance after the terrible evils of the malificers and its mother, and was a hero from toddlerhood. Unlike a typical maw mouth, its hunger was directed toward only mals, and all it wanted to do was destroy them.

▸ White • American • Maw Mouth/Human Hybrid ◂


▸ Hero • Nomadic ◂


▸ Bisexual • Biromantic • Polyamorous • Married/Taken ◂

Orion had no reason to care about its orientation until it and Galadriel got close. After they got together, it assumed it was straight; it was wrong. Shortly before its marriage to Galadriel, she tells it about her history with Liesel. Orion, Galadriel, Liesel, and Alfie (Liesel's boyfriend) have a lengthy talk the night before the wedding, and eventually decide to pursue a relationship together. The relationship was solid a year after it began, and Orion found itself to be very much bisexual.


▸ White Hair • Medium • Grey Eyes • Acne Scars & Freckles ◂

Orion has medium, wavy white hair. Both in New York and in the Scholomance, people generally assumed it was dyed. In reality, white is his natural hair color; an interesting side effect of being merged with a maw mouth as a fetus. The grey eyes are likely the same, as nobody in his recent ancestry has them. The acne scars are from years of absentmindedly picking at his face when he was in school, despite Galadriel's lecturing the last two years of it. The freckles are actually genetic; his father has them. They disappeared entirely when he was in the Scholomance due to the total lack of sunlight, and Galadriel was shocked to discover them a few weeks after he got out.

▸ 5'10/178cm • "Shrimpy" • 5'11/180cm With Proper Posture ◂


▸ Tattoos • Piercings • Style ◂



▸ MBTI • Enneagram • Temperament • Alignment ◂


▸ Positive Trait • Positive Trait • Neutral Trait • Negative Trait • Negative Trait ◂


▸ Likes • Dislikes ◂


▸ Hobby • Hobby ◂


▸ Habit • Habit ◂


▸ Motivation • Motivation ◂


▸ Fear • Fear ◂




▸ Galadriel Higgins-Lake • 19 • Alive • Together, Happy ◂



▸ Liesel • 19 • Alive • Together, Happy ◂



▸ Alfie Browning • 19 • Alive • Together, Happy ◂



▸ Ophelia Lake • ?? • Alive • Disowned [by Orion] ◂



▸ Balthasar Lake • ?? • Alive • Estranged ◂



▸ Name • Age • Alive/Dead • Status ◂



▸ Name • Age • Alive/Dead • Status ◂




▸ Good/Bad • Ailment ◂



▸ Good/Bad • Ailment ◂



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* Maw Mouths: Maw-mouths are made up of thick rolling folds of a translucent, glossy mass. Their surfaces are covered with the eyes and mouths of their victims. The mouths of recent victims scream and beg, while long-eaten victims still breathe and occasionally mutter syllables. Their bodies are made up of their victims, mashed up and pulled into the maw-mouth's form. They have tentacles all over which is what they use to pull people in. While digesting a victim, it stays still before moving onto the next meal. While no one is entirely sure what happens to maw-mouths, some wizards have been able to contact humans stuck inside with a communication spell and get a response back. All they get is an unending scream. Most people believe that the consciousness of maw-mouth victims never end, and they both are aware of and feel the maw-mouth eating them until the maw-mouth is killed. [source]